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If you’ve never needed coach hire before then understandably you’re going to have a few questions. We’ve spoken to the Coachfinder experts to reveal everything you need to know about hiring a coach or minibus.

What is included with coach hire? 

At a standard level, hire includes the vehicle and a dedicated driver for the amount of time you need it for. It includes pickups and drop offs for all of the passengers – this can be multiple destinations if needed. All of your luggage is included in your group coach hire too and there are no extra charges for additional bags (as long as they fit in the luggage hold!). All coaches are equipped with seatbelts and the latest safety features including CCTV as standard. 

There are additional features included if you opt for an executive, VIP or luxury vehicle. This can range from fully equipped kitchens right through to rear lounges to chill out in. We’ve even had physio tables for football teams to use on the go! 

Why should I choose a coach over other methods of group transport?

This is a valid question as in most cases hiring a coach doesn’t initially spring to mind when it comes to group travel. But there are a wealth of reasons why hiring a coach for your group outing trumps catching the train or booking multiple taxis. 

Some benefits of group coach hire are:

  • Pricing – It’s often cheaper than you think as we explain further down.
  • Safety features – As previously mentioned, all vehicles are equipped with CCTV and seatbelts making your journey safe and secure. 
  • We provide the driver – This means that no one in your group has to be designated driver. Perfect for festivals!  
  • No extra charges – This means no extra money to fork out on parking, luggage and preferential seating.
  • Door to door service – We’ll pick you up and drop you off wherever you need to so you don’t need to worry about where to meet and people arriving late.
  • Better for the environment – More people normally means more vehicles, right? But not when you hire a coach! Our standard vehicles can carry 53 passengers which means less cars on the road. 

How much is it to book a coach?

Hiring out a coach can make you think of multiple pound signs but it’s not actually as expensive as you may think. Especially when the cost is split out between 50+ of you. Even if there’s less than 20 of you then minibus hire can work out cheaper than getting the train once you’ve costed in all of your return tickets. 

Coach hire prices vary depending on the destination, mileage and location so get in touch for a tailored group coach hire quote. Trust us when we say that cheap coach hire is a real thing! 

Can I eat and drink on the coach?

In a word, yes! As mentioned above some of our vehicles include fully equipped kitchens so of course you can eat and drink onboard. In some circumstances we may ask for a security deposit incase of any accidents – we’re looking at you stag and hen parties! The last thing our drivers want to be doing is clearing up the remains of your fun day out… 

What can I hire a coach for?

The beauty of coach hire is that it’s suitable for a variety of occasions. From weddings and supporter transport right through to family days out in the UK, a coach can get you there. We can even drop you and your mates off to the airport for a trip of a lifetime. 

Our travel partners predominantly operate in the UK but if you’re after an adventure overseas then we’re to help. 

Phew, that was a lot of questions! If we haven’t covered what you’re looking for then you can head to our FAQs or contact us via email.