Meet The Finders

Introducing our friendly family who are here to help you find the best group transport for every occasion. They love getting out and about and always take their friends along for the ride.

With a mahusive range of specs and sizes to choose from, we’re sure they’ll help you find the perfect coach or bus for your groups travel.


Maximus is the sports enthusiasts of the family and loves the action of a live match, cheering on his team pitch-side. Recently he discovered and now books all the group transport for his local football club’s away matches at the best price – leaving more money for post-match celebrations.


Tessa was born an explorer and is a natural organiser. She’s the go-to-person when it comes to organising trips for the local Scout Pack’s wilderness adventures, and volunteers at her local care home by organising day trips for residents to get out and about.


Sky is a true socialite and she’s earned quite a reputation amongst friends as being “miss organised.” Whether it’s organising a friend’s hen party, or gathering the gang to hit the summer festivals, Sky takes the initiative and makes the party happen. Since discovering, booking coaches has been simpler than ever.


“Lens” isn’t old enough to drive and doesn’t have a social media account, but he’s spent hours on coaches with school trips and has become quite the connoisseur of quality comfort and service. He can often be found staring out the window enjoying the sights and day dreaming about travelling the world when he’s older.

“Lens” is a nickname given to him by his school friends because of his fashionable glasses

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